Westland Adventures

Farm House.

The group awakens to the blackest clouds any of them can remember. A quick breakfast, followed by a quick examination of the ground shows the visitors in the night were a large pack of Wolves. The group press on towards the coast, and soon find a farm that matches the basic descrption for the alternate bandit camp. Two riding horses are tied up outside the rear entrance to the farm, still with saddle and tack on. As the rain begins to fall, a quick search reveals the farmhouse to be empty. Black Petre takes things into his own hands, firing a shot into the roof, stating that if they can’t find anyone, maybe that will help the bandits find them. Within moments, a secret door in the bedroom area swings open, revealing a couple of the foul bandits. Seeing the party, the bandits retreat into the secret room, yelling out “Intruders!” Battle ensues, with Black Petre firing shot after shot, Everest leaping across a set of stairs with great skill and the rest of the party moping up the remains. One of the bandits slumps to the ground, unconcious but still alive. The group tie him up, to answer questions later.

Heading down the stairs, the group find themselves in a poorly stock wine cellar, and what looks like a natural crack in the bedrock, further investigation reveals this has been widened out to allow passage by humans, and the group continues its exploration. They find a room with overturned tables acting as crude barricades, and behind the tables, more Bandits. Combat is joined, with pistol shots from Black Petre and more acrobatics from Everest, but Hal and Delphin really raise the temperature with a couple of fire spells that torch a bandit and scorch the rest of the room. Brian gets in a few sneaky stabs and the bandits are done for.

While the group explore the dining room and attached kitchen area, Black Petre finds some bedrooms and Everest gives into his wanderlust, searching down a second corridor. Everest finds a door beyond which he can hear some voices, and once he gathers the party, prepares to give the go signal to storm the room. Not wanting to wait, Black Petre kicks the door off its hinges, making it slam loudly into the room. At the far end of the room, a tall man in a large floppy hat snarls out a few words “Kill them Tom” before turning and leaving. Black Petre swiftly moves into the room, avoiding attacks from two bandits by the door. Everest is unleashed into the room, moving towards the wild eyed cackling fellow called Tom. Tom’s response is to shift slightly for a clear line of sight, and them shoot at Black Petre, who takes it badly and falls to the ground, dying. Swords clash, bandits die, Delphin saves Black Petre from perishing and at the end, the party watch Mad Tom fall to the ground, unconcious.

Black Petre recieves enough healing to bring him around, his first action is to walk over to the unconcious form of Mad Tom and end his pitiful life. The group continue looking for Mister Floppy Hat, but only find a couple of bedrooms and some chests containing the bandit’s spoils. After a few minutes of searching the group discover a secret passageway to the surface, emerging in a pig pen. The pigs are running loose, and one of the riding horses is gone. Mr Floppy Hat has escaped.

A message on a desk in one of the bedrooms is addressed to a “Desmond”. It talks about part one being completed, part two nearly done, and is signed with a stylised black wing. The group gather in the farm house again, and interview their prisoner. He reveals that Mr Floppy Hat goes by the more normal name of Desmond Arbath, and was the one who gave Mad Tom his orders. The group decides to taken over the running over the farm, leaving Brian behind to oversee it, and to keep the ex-bandit in line. Hal seemed very keen on having somewhere safe and secure to fall back to. Leaving a single horse behind, Hal, Petre, Everest and Delphin headed towards the north, where they cross a river and see at last the outline of Barad Tol in the distance.

Bandit Ambush

With the badly injured driver still able to do his job, the party continues along their route North, now less than a day away from the town of Barad Tol. The Wagon train is brought to a sudden halt however, when a large tree falls to earth in front of the lead wagon. This is no accident, but a carefully prepared plan, as from out of the undergrowth, bandits appear, some slinging small rocks while others rush in to bash heads with stout clubs. Delphin is caught out by a couple of attackers, and is forced to retreat to safe distance. The group of adventurers soon gain the upper hand and the bandits perish in short order. The wagonmaster is intent on continueing to Barad Tol, but the Adventurers are keen to investigate the Bandits, and soon pick up a trail heading West into the woods.

Utilising Hal’s amazing trcking skills, he follows the trail around a bush and into a bear feasting on a dead deer. Fast reactions from Hal give him the oppotunity to escape, but the bear quickly recovers and chases after him. Hal realises he is going to have to fight, and delivers a powerful blow to the bear, but it responds in kind, clawing at Hal and drawing him into a bear hug!
Everest tries his best to distract the bear with a flurry ofattacks with ultimately prove futile. It takes a combination of Delphin’s pyromaniacal tendencies and a well placed shot from Black Petre’s musket to bring the beast down.

Returning to the Bandit trail, they discover an empty camp site with nothing more than a few bedrolls, some basic food stuff and most importantly, a clue mentioning an alternate site for the bandits, a crazy man and an attack by fish people. The alternate site is off to the East by the coast, so the group retrace their steps back to where they disembarked from the Wagons and continue on to the East. As night falls, they set up camp, knowing that the coast is close and that the answers they search for are at hand.

The night is quiet, until 3am when the Rogue heard noises to the Northeast. As he woke up Hal, Everest and Black Petre, the noises could be heard passing by to the North, and then receeding into the distance of the Northwest. Black Petre rolls over and returns to sleep, theorising that if its going away, it no threat. Everest is not so sure, and disappears into the night to find out what is making the noise. Using the sound of the footseps as a guide, he heads towards them, only for a breaking twig to give away his position. The sound of footsteps disappears, then returns slightly louder as whatever it is runs away. Everest is forced to return to the group, unable to track the noises anymore.

Night of the Wolverines
Nom Nom Nom

As the evening of the 6th draws to a close, the Wagon drivers and Adventurers set up camp and relax after another day of travelling. 60 miles have been covered since setting off from Port New Hope, and although the journey is slow, there is a shared excitment about the possibilities available in this new land. An evening hunt proves successful as Black Petre returns with a Deer he killed. Unfortunately the deer carcass also draws unwanted visitors, and in the early hours of the following morning, the groups roguish character notices movement. Unwilling to risk himself, he alerts one of the wagon drivers who goes to investigate. Unfortunately the man disturbs three Wolverines that are feasting on the Deer, so they attack him. His screams of pain awaken the camp, and battle is joined.

Hal the Magus manages to stunn one beast, and aids Black Petre in offing a second. The rogue, feeling braver now, fights the third with Everest the Monk. The battle is short and bloody, as Petre’s legs are badly savaged. Delphin manages to save the Wagon driver at the point of death, moments before he passed beyond help.

Land Ho!
Into Port New Hope

The wind is crisp and full of salt as the weary group of adventurers makes their way down the gangway onto the dockside. After nearly three months at sea, they are glad to get back onto dry land once again. Making their way through the inital immigration checks, all adventurers are sent to a single room to await further instructions. They are told that the only opportunities currently available are 80 Miles to the North, with the Earl of Saldana in the town of Barad Tol. A Caravan of supply wagons is heading out to Barad Tol the following day, and the Adventurers secure passage on it.


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