Westland Adventures

Night of the Wolverines

Nom Nom Nom

As the evening of the 6th draws to a close, the Wagon drivers and Adventurers set up camp and relax after another day of travelling. 60 miles have been covered since setting off from Port New Hope, and although the journey is slow, there is a shared excitment about the possibilities available in this new land. An evening hunt proves successful as Black Petre returns with a Deer he killed. Unfortunately the deer carcass also draws unwanted visitors, and in the early hours of the following morning, the groups roguish character notices movement. Unwilling to risk himself, he alerts one of the wagon drivers who goes to investigate. Unfortunately the man disturbs three Wolverines that are feasting on the Deer, so they attack him. His screams of pain awaken the camp, and battle is joined.

Hal the Magus manages to stunn one beast, and aids Black Petre in offing a second. The rogue, feeling braver now, fights the third with Everest the Monk. The battle is short and bloody, as Petre’s legs are badly savaged. Delphin manages to save the Wagon driver at the point of death, moments before he passed beyond help.


Night of the Wolverine? Like the classic Dave Graney song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8JMyM0xcjo

Night of the Wolverines

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