Westland Adventures

Bandit Ambush

With the badly injured driver still able to do his job, the party continues along their route North, now less than a day away from the town of Barad Tol. The Wagon train is brought to a sudden halt however, when a large tree falls to earth in front of the lead wagon. This is no accident, but a carefully prepared plan, as from out of the undergrowth, bandits appear, some slinging small rocks while others rush in to bash heads with stout clubs. Delphin is caught out by a couple of attackers, and is forced to retreat to safe distance. The group of adventurers soon gain the upper hand and the bandits perish in short order. The wagonmaster is intent on continueing to Barad Tol, but the Adventurers are keen to investigate the Bandits, and soon pick up a trail heading West into the woods.

Utilising Hal’s amazing trcking skills, he follows the trail around a bush and into a bear feasting on a dead deer. Fast reactions from Hal give him the oppotunity to escape, but the bear quickly recovers and chases after him. Hal realises he is going to have to fight, and delivers a powerful blow to the bear, but it responds in kind, clawing at Hal and drawing him into a bear hug!
Everest tries his best to distract the bear with a flurry ofattacks with ultimately prove futile. It takes a combination of Delphin’s pyromaniacal tendencies and a well placed shot from Black Petre’s musket to bring the beast down.

Returning to the Bandit trail, they discover an empty camp site with nothing more than a few bedrolls, some basic food stuff and most importantly, a clue mentioning an alternate site for the bandits, a crazy man and an attack by fish people. The alternate site is off to the East by the coast, so the group retrace their steps back to where they disembarked from the Wagons and continue on to the East. As night falls, they set up camp, knowing that the coast is close and that the answers they search for are at hand.

The night is quiet, until 3am when the Rogue heard noises to the Northeast. As he woke up Hal, Everest and Black Petre, the noises could be heard passing by to the North, and then receeding into the distance of the Northwest. Black Petre rolls over and returns to sleep, theorising that if its going away, it no threat. Everest is not so sure, and disappears into the night to find out what is making the noise. Using the sound of the footseps as a guide, he heads towards them, only for a breaking twig to give away his position. The sound of footsteps disappears, then returns slightly louder as whatever it is runs away. Everest is forced to return to the group, unable to track the noises anymore.



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