The Kingdom of Geltor has existed for nearly 700 years, when the most powerful local Lord conquered his weaker neighbours, proclaiming himself King. Bordered by the Great Sea to the West, the Dwarf Mountains to the North and East, as well as the Human Kingdom of Jezzel to the South, the Kingdom has endured times of plenty and times of hardship.

Throughout its history, the Kingdom has suffered from internal conflict, most notably the Magi War over a Century ago. During this time, warring factions of Wizards and Sorcerers laid waste to the land, slaughtering any in their way. Only the Magic users loyal to the King were spared his wrath as he lead a long and bloody campaign against the rogue magi. Now all magi must be licensed and swear fealty to the Monarch.

With the death of King Dannoth, his son Wallace has ascended to the throne and, paranoid of invasion, has fortified his borders. 10 seasons ago, land was discovered to the west of the Kingdom across the Great Sea, and the King has declared that it shall be the newest part of his realm. With few soldiers not involved in fortifying the Kingdoms borders, mercenaries and adventurers are being used to provide security on the cunningly named “Westland”. His nephew Prince Arl, who is next in line for the throne, has been sent there to oversee the development on this new part of the realm, though due to the paranoia of King Dannoth, he only has a few troops available to protect him.

After three months at sea, the adventurers catch sight of the land that they will call home. As the ship that brought them here docks, each person is thinking of the riches to be found in this new world.

Westland Adventures

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